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AKA Inendagosekwe, by Annharte

Edited & Critical Introduction by Reg Johanson

2013 | 6 x 8 | Paper | 228 pp. | ISBN 978-0-9879052-1-5 | $25

A collection of new and selected, interviews, cultural criticism, and poetics by Anishinabe Nation writer Annharte (aka "Marie Baker"). A Co-founder of the Regina Aboriginal Writers Group, Annharte is the author of several books, including Being on the Moon (Polestar, 1990), Coyote Columbus Cafe (Moonprint, 1994), Blueberry Canoe (New Star, 2001), and Exercises in Lip Pointing (New Star, 2003). In this substantial book, Baker takes on colonialism, disability, identity, aging, and issues in indigenous politics and language. A substantial critical introduction by poet and scholar Reg Johanson will locate Baker’s work within the context of current debates in First Nations literature in Canada, and the politics of decolonization.

Mercenary English, by Mercedes Eng

2013 | 6 x 8 | Paper | 110 pp. | ISBN 978-0-9879052-0-8 | $15

Eng’s first book is a risky and profuondly unsettling work of “auto-cartography”, documenting the stuggles and politics of everyday life in Vancouver, foregrounding the literal and figurative violence behind the euphemism “missing women,” resistance to the Olympic-Industrial Complex, and other legacies of colonialism that continue to haunt the fragile "City of Glass."

Open Text: Canadian Poetry and Poetics in the 21st Century (Vol.3)

Edited by Roger Farr

2013 | 6 x 8 | Paper | 132 pp. | ISBN 978-0-9879052-3-9 | $16

This final volume, a collection of poetics statements, interviews, and critical writing by many of the poets who appeared the first two volumes, conlcudes the Open Text series. Contributors inlcude George Bowering, Donato Mancini, Wayde Compton, Cecily Nicholson, Larissa Lai, Rita Wong, Ken Belford, Marie Annharte Baker, Erin Moure, Danielle LaFrance, Phinder Dulai, Mercedes Eng, Roy Miki, Fred Wah, Stephen Collis, Louis Cabri, Jeff Derksen, Roger Farr, and Reg Johanson.