Soma Feldmar’s Other is a wonderful extended meditation on questions both ancient and timely: questions that arise from naming, play, politics, in the virtual and actual games of life and language, treated with a quick wit that does not exclude feelings for “the other.” Some lines dance down the page, others embed themselves in great paratactic blocks of language. This is poetry philosophical but never pompous, stylish but never just fashionable–which is to say, rare!
–Anselm Hollo

Through the deft use of sampling and sequencing, imagistic clarity and stutterstep displacement, Soma Feldmar builds a series of condensed, refracted parallels to everyday life. Her serial meditations construct a knowing subject out of the welter of diverse thoughts with sure-footed assurance. A voice emerges between language and image that is capable of interrogating both. This is serious play, delightful inquiry, insightful meditation, intelligent work.